Sunday, March 18, 2012

Luneta Park Chinese Garden Children's Playground

Photo Walk - Chinese Garden and Children's Playground 

I should be climbing Mt. Damas on March 17-18 with Storm Chasers, but something came up thus I can't go for a 2 day climb. It's a good thing that on March 18 FACETS/Kaladkarin decided to have a photowalk in Chinese and Japanese Garden.

Destination: Chinese Garden and Children's Playground located in Rizal Park, or what's commonly called Luneta Park


     Adjacent to the old walled city of Manila, now Intramuros. Since the Spanish Colonial Era, the park has been a favorite spot for unwinding, socializing, an urban oasis for family picnics on Sundays and holidays. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Manila.
Located along Manila Bay, Luneta has been the site of some of the most significant moments in Philippine history. The execution ofpacifist Dr. José Rizal on December 30, 1896, sparked the fire of the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish colonizers, elevating the martyr as the national hero of the country. The park was officially renamed Rizal Park in his honor and his monument serves as the symbolic focal point of the park. The Declaration of Philippine Independence from American rule was held here on July 4, 1946 as well as the political rallies of Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino in 1986 that led to the EDSA Revolution that deposed Marcos ending his dictatorial government. [for more information:]

Chinese Garden (5 peso entrance)
Food - I suggest bring your own food. The closest fast food restaurant we saw is Inasal at iba pa (Php 90, unlimited rice and unlimited ice tea) or you can opt the cheaper meals without the unlimited rice and drinks.

Why go there:
  1. A park with a history
  2. They have the Orchidarium (a 10,000 sqm area which serves as a repository of native and some imporated plants, flowers and tress. They also have Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and even a Noli Me Tangere Garden
     During the time went there the other gardens are under renovation. We will definitely comeback ^_^ to check the other gardens. 

Let the photos convince you ^_^

  1. You can also go Intramuros, Manila Ocean Park, Planetarium and other 29 tourist spots.
  2. Bring your own water which will save you money a well as protect the environment
  3. It is suggested that you bring your own food and have a picnic (other restaurant are faraway) and it is actually more fun having a picnic! 
Luneta Park - Chinese Garden

Adults 3/5 - for lovers it's going to be 5/5 haha!
Kids 5/5 ^_^



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