The beach, the caves, the corals, the white sands, seeing the stars :) definitely Palawan captured my heart ^_^

This is default featured slide 2 title

Another climb to a summit with rain. It's harder but still... "The day ended with a big SMILE on my face ^_^. What a great day spent with great people. I'm thankful for meeting another great mountaineer group."

Baler, Aurora

The Beach, falls, food, history and everything in between. Surfing is FUN! ^_^


"Land of the rising sun" + land of anime + good food + my first Autumn

UNESCO Batad and Banaue

The mountains, the falls, and historical rice terraces. The place where I lost my fear of Heights.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Batanes Ultimate Getaway

Prepare for the ultimate guide of enjoying Batanes. Here we go!!!


Ultimate Tip

What not to miss?




Pasalubong (GIFT)

PLUS some random bonus tips


Hello Batanes! It has been 3 years since we’ve seen each other. You don’t know how much I miss you BUT I DO! I DO! I DO MISS YOU SOOO SOOO MUCH! This time I’ll be with you for 7 days! Most people think traveling to Batanes is expensive YES it can be, but it can be cheap too. So how did I get to travel Batanes for less than Php1,000 ($22) a day and actually not hurry to go where I wanna go and just enjoy and relax and have some adrenaline rush adventure too? Well here’s the secret READ ON ^_^

First major thing to know there are 3 major island in Batanes: Batan (this is where the airport is and can be divided by 2 tours North[half day] and South[whole day]), Sabtang, Itbayat (go here the next day if you really plan to go to this island and to avoid being stuck [more of this later])  For Batan Island and Sabtang you can rent a room without air conditioning for 200-300 a day. And for the Php300 you can have the best room in the world! You have some of these options: A view of the beach, sunset, sunrise, or the stars from the window of your room. If you are good in finding the perfect room you can even have all that in one room.

I prepared 3 ITI for Batanes but before thawouI’m going to give some tips and a list of things hopefully you won’t miss.

ULTIMATE TIP: I have been to Batanes twice and I have experience tours from different locals. I'm suggesting 2 of my trusted tour local provider

(1) Batanes tour by an Ivatan via tricycle (trike) THIS IS AWESOME!!! If you want to see Batanes in a local Ivatan’s view Contact Kuya Oliver Javier 09208855643. He is the Ultimate Guide of Batan, Batanes! Kind, funny, generous, handsome (tell him you got his number from Weekend Lakwatsero) Tell him you can’t wait for the story for the magical cherries, Spanish bread and the meowing cat! And ohh he got you covered for your Sabtang Tour too, he knows many people from there too! You can actually stop reading my blog he got you covered. KIDDING! Haha read on!!!

(2)Local Tour via Van/Multicab/Motor Bike (3rd one is AWESOME TOO!!!) Carlos “Carling” Asa 09264694994 he may have been one of the descendant of the Augustinian (ok not the priest!)

(3)Local tour via ATV THIS IS AWESOME!!! Batan Tour Jover Vargas 09054988003, 09985519656

The best thing about the 3  is they can wait for you no matter how long you want to stay in one place! Plus they can take your photos too!


Things most tourist forgetting to do in Batanes

FOOD!!! NEVER miss to try the local foods. No diets allowed! DON’T MISS the flying fish, pakak tipuho and the other local foods

1. Fishing: Borrow a fishing rod from anyone who is fishing at Mahatao or Basco port.

2. Bike + ATV + Trike + Jeepney rides. You may opt to bike at night time it’s cold but use proper safety signal lights

3. Top load at jeepney (safe?)

4. SUNRISE, SUNSET, STARS/MILKY WAY: Lay around the beach for hours(find a good coconut tree for shade/rock), also wait for the sunset, and the stars to come out

5. Roam around the town buy some local breads, bbq, kwekwek, halo-halo, banana wrapped in crunchy sugary rolls

6. Talk with locals in sari sari store/bbq stall

7. Siesta:

a. Lay or sit  for one hour or more on one of those green hills and just relax

b. Songsong Ruins: There’s a free hammock

c. Milky way (stars) during the night and early morning

d. If you get lucky you can opt to sleep near the famous tour spots

8. Cook your own food. Buy flying fish (Php10 EACH hahaha!) Buy organic eggplant, tomato,

9. it’s more of not doing but a BLESSING: Free food (by a baker), free bike ride(from local sari sari store), free ROOM (Than you Sir Jover!!!), almost free room (I love you Mahatao)! Just be naturally you and you’ll experience the kindness of Batanes people

10. LASTLY never miss to smile and great good morning NO MATTER HOW SHY YOU ARE.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kwebang Lampas Puting Buhangin Pagbilao Quezon

How to go Kwebang Lampas Puting Buhangin (Lukang Beach) Barangay Isla Polo, Pagbilao Quezon

Why go?
The beach, cave, CHAMI :)

Still not convince why? Well here's the photos :)

Kwebang Lampas

On the way to Puring buhangin and Kwebang Lampas SULIT na ^_^

HIKE time :)

Puting buhangin on the way to Kwebang Lampas
Kwebang Lampas

When to go?
After Pahiyas Festival on May 15 or the long week festival of Lucena  (Pasayahan sa Lucena (May 27-29), City Fiesta - May 30 (St. Ferdinand) and Santacruzan - May 31)

What to do?
  1. Beach bum
  2. Sunset at the other side (jump off)
  3. Caving (just 3 minutes away from the beach)
  4. Island hopping
  5. Trekking
  6. Bonfire and star gazing 
  7. If you went during fiesta time free food, music and booze :p

How to go to Kwebang Lagpas Puting Buhangin?

"Taking Public Transportation
If you are from Metro Manila, you can ride a bus going to Lucena City. Recommended to take JAC Liner as they have several bus stations and have trips every hour. They have bus stations in Kamias, Quezon City and Buendia-Taft, in Pasay. These stations have trips to Lucena. The trip to Lucena is approximately 4 hours. There are few ways to get to Kwebang Lampas:
1.) Once you arrived at Lucena Grand Central Terminal you can ride a jeepney going to Pagbilao. Then another jeepney to Brgy. Isla Polo. At the terminal in Isla Polo you need to take a tricycle going to the jump off.
2.) Another way of getting to the jump off from Lucena is by taking the mini bus going to Calauag or any buses going to Bicol. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Crossing to Isla Polo. Once you reached the crossing, wait for the jeepneys going to Isla Polo. Or you can hire a tricycle going to the jump off. (Not recommended for first timers as you might get lost).
3.) From Manila you can ride a bus going to Bicol and get off at Pagbilao-Crossing to Isla Polo. I am not sure how much the fare would be and how long is the travel time. I haven’t tried this one. Again, not recommended if you are not familiar with the place yet.
***You still need to ride a trike and pay 150-200 pesos YES it's expensive!
Wait, don’t get too excited! You still need to cross the river by the boat. Then you have the choice to either trek to the beach for about 10-15 minutes. Or cross the sea for about 3-5 minutes."
WARNING: Be sure that you have a trike going back to the town or else you will walk. This is what happened to us BUT HEY! I enjoyed it :) star gazing :) and trekking at night :) hehe

Negative side EXPOSED:

  1. Expensive trike fee 200 pesos fee well before it is only 100 peso
  2. Dogs in the beach
  3. Some garbage :( PLEASE refrain from littering COMMON guys! 

Other source for good information

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pahiyas Festival San Isidro Labrador Philippines

How to go, What to do, How to go home -Pahiyas Festival - Philippines

Blue, yellow, red, orange, green and every colors in between. The beat of the drums! The music! The food! The beer the wine! The people. Ohhhh Pahiyas festival what a unique festival!

"Lucban celebrates the Pahiyas Festival every 15 May in honour of the patron saint of farmers, St Isidore the Labourer. This festival showcases a street of houses which are adorned with fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, handicrafts and kiping, a rice-made decoration, which afterwards can be eaten grilled or fried. The houses are judged and the best one is proclaimed the winner. Every year, tourists roam the municipality to witness the decoration of houses" 

Pahiyas Festival

History of Pahiyas Festival

Why visit Pahiyas Festival?

Well I'll let the photos convince you ;)

Pahiyas Festival 2013 slide show

How to go to Lucban Quezon

The usual route (Manila-Lucena-Lucban)

From Cubao/Buendia/Alabang, anyone may take a bus bound to Lucena City. Click here. Tell the bus conductor to drop you at Lucena Grand Central Terminal where you can take a jeep bound to Lucban.
The backdoor route (Manila-Pagsanjan-Lucban) P148.5 pesos

From Cubao/Buendia/Alabang, take a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. There's HM Bus line in Cubao and Greenstar Bus in Buendia. Tell the bus conductor to drop you at the terminal of jeep bound to Lucban. [ivanlakwatsero]

Other Options:

via Manila-Lucena-Lucban

1. From Manila, take a Lucena bound bus. There are buses that has daily trips to Lucena City, located along Buendia-Taft, Pasay-EDSA, EDSA-Kamuning in Quezon City, and Araneta Center in Cubao.
2.1 Upon reaching Lucena Grand Central Terminal, take a Lucban bound jeepney or mini bus. It’s just around 45 minute ride from the grand terminal.
2.1 Jolibee Crossing - ride a jeep going to the Municipal of Lucban

via Manila-Sta. Cruz-Lucban
  1. Ride a bus going to Sta Cruz, Laguna. There are bus companies located in Cubao or Buendia-Taft Ave. that ply daily the Manila-Sta. Cruz route.
  2. Get-off at Sta. Cruz and take a jeepney bound for Lucban
JAC Liner 0917-JACLINE 5225463
9286140 , 927 1815, 927-6139
Kamias  2:00AM - 11:00PM  leaves every 20 minutes
2 Mapagmahal St. Bgy. Pinyahan, cor Edsa, QC

Alimall 4:00AM - 9:00PM 09228522904

Araneta Center Terminal, Cubao, QC

Lucena Lines

 What to do in Pahiyas Festival
  1. Pancit Habhab (tip you have this for free @ the Municipal Hall, or if you can't wait just buy it :p 
  2. Lucban longganisa
  3. Grilled Kipping
  4. Take photos of the colorful houses (TIP: you can even go up stairs)
  5. Morning Mass at Lucban Cathedral (San Isidro Labrador Church)
  6. Kamay ni Hesus Shrine
  7. See Mt. Banahaw
  8. Art and photo exhibit
  9. Grand Parade featuring a parade of Carabaos, floats, marching bands and street dancers
  10. Awarding of Best Pahiyas House Design and Decors during the afternoon
  11. Best Lights Design in the evening
  12. Fireworks Display and Band Performances

How to go home from Lucban Quezon

Keep track of time or else you will be stuck :p Batang Lakwatsero experience this one

"When we found them, we hurriedly rode a tricycle to the terminal of jeep bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna where we again saw the long line of passengers. We patiently waited, burned the time with cool stories and gossip, until we finally boarded the jumbo jeep around 8:30 PM. Marco and Lauren once again did a top load ride, Gael, Darwin and I wanted to sleep so we hopped inside.

By 10:00 PM, we reached the town plaza of Sta Cruz, Laguna. No more buses bound to Manila, the last trips were at 8:00 pm. OMG, the Pinoy Travel Bloggers were stuck in Sta. Cruz. Our last resort was to take a jeep bound to Calamba then ride a bus to Alabang, unfortunately jeeps were scarce that night." [ivanlakwatsero]

With our experience we  left the next day so we can still buy some lucban longganisa, halo-halo and buy what local delicacies we can find. By the time we get home wow I have otap, puto seko suka in my tampipi. Ohh I also bought local bag and a hat at a very cheap price ;) nakatawad pa hehe .

After this we still have time so we went to Lucena Quezon for the Kwebang Lagpas (Puting Buhangin).

Links to Pahiyas Festival (in Preparation for 2014) - The experience 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LEGO Mall of Asia Philippines

LEGO® Exhibit at SM Mall of Asia

LEGO City exhibit is now open at the SM Mall of Asia! Check out the latest LEGO City sets. The exhibit will run until September 1, 2012. 

LEtsGO ^____^

Check out the slides below ^____^ wooot!

Click the following link to see how will they represent the Philippines's Map
If you want updates on Lego you can join PhilippineBricksters

Sunday, July 15, 2012

6th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival 2012

     For more than half a decade now, Backdoor Ventures had been diligently promoting the arts through a grand one-of-a-kind celebration that gathers thousands of artists of different disciplines and genres all under one roof.

     This July 13, 14, and 15 the 6th Backdoor Ventures Arts & Music Festival is celebrated. This festival gives a complete and total arts immersion experience. 

Experience the yearly celebration of the Arts & Music industry.

 Experience the 3-day feast for the mind and senses.

Art exhibits
Art workshops

  • Talks and workshops
  • Clinics / demos on painting

  • Theater/Cultural performances, Concert Slides


    Theater/Cultural performances, Concert (VIDEOS)

         Musical Live Performances by some of the country's best performers representing different genres and inspirations.

        Dance performances from classical ballet to modern dance.

    One Man Band

    Taditional Mindanao Music

    Triple Fret- 3 Pilipina Classical Musician

    Brigada and Hoop Nation

    Miko Pepito- Magtanin ay Di Biro (A modern twist of a Pilipino folk song)

    Kenyo - name coming form the word Bulakenyo

    Arts & Music Trade fair
    Cosplay and random stuff Slides

    Illusion (VIDEO)

    Laser light show
    Film showing 
    Shadow play

    Arts, concert(the best Jeepney Joyride + other OPM artist, performances (modern dance, classical dance, at may magic show pa ^_^)
    Food trip. Longanisa Davao ^_^ + Fries overload panulak na gulaman SOLVE na hehe ^_^

    4/5 FUN ^_^ day
    -1 for the feeling press photographers na nanghaharang ng view ng ibang tao O_o. Matuto po tayo sanang yumuko :) Yung mga may ID na official yumuyuko gumigilid kayo pang inde official kung makaharang wagas :)

    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    Fete de la Musique World Music Day Manila 2012

    Fete de la Musique (World Music Day) 2012
    June 23 to 24 , 2012 (4pm- 2am)

    The most-awaited music event this year!!!

    Word Music Day was first celebrated in Paris, France June 21,1982 and is now celebrated around the world. From France(1982) to China, Greece to India, Israel to Pakistan, United States (2008) to Philippines (2007). Religion nor Political stance is never an issue with music *.
         From a cultural event in France held every summer solstice, the longest day of the year, to the global force it is now, the Fete has now invaded the central business district of Makati.
    Let the music heal your soul ^____^ ♩♪♫♬♩♪♫♬♩♪♫♬

    Main stage back view - (c)Kimbra McCaul
         ‬Besides the main stage,‭ ‬there will also be other venues hosting different kind of music. Well it's too bad you can't be in many places at once haha I wish I had the power of Multiple Man! So the most time we spent is in the Main Stage.


    Chinese Man (from France)

    Chinese Man (from France)

    Main Stage and Society Lounge(World, Reggae, Ska)

    NOTE: more videos from me later :p

    Fire dancing


    the drum beats... the dance...

    Pepe Smith plays "Beep beep" at the 2012 Fete De La Musique main stage

    Pinoy Rock legend Pepe Smith plays Balong Malalim at the 2012 Fete De La Musique Main Stage to the delight of everyone.

    Fete de la Musique AROUND THE WORLD

    FRANCE (mainstrem pop to jazz)

    M.Pokora & Tal - Hey Ya ! - Fête de la musique 2012 - France 

    Pour clôturer la fête de la musique sur France 2, les artiste ont chanté "Des ricochets" 

    Fête de la Musique Tendance Live Show 22/06/12 Helmut Fritz

    POPa, Proximity of the Objet Petit a, Mazurka !, live, Fête de la Musique Caen 2012



    Concert du groupe EQUINOX JAZZ pour la fête de la musique 2012



         Some music are weird but hey weird for you might be a good music for me and vv :p. Well that's music! ♩♪♫♬
       Missed the event this year? I almost did! Mark your calendar for next year and well you can still watch from you tube :)))

    FUN METER: 8/10
    Just 8 because my mountaineer friends went home earlier than I expected and I can't find Mafi O_o haha! I'm a bit tired since I have been awake since 5am O_o and yep I had a quiz in Statistics prior going to this festival. Nevertheless music=FUN ♩♪♫♬♩♪♫♬♩♪♫♬

    I wish that there would have been more lights :) and the number of people is not that much considering this is a world wide event. Maybe there's should have been more advertisement...?

    Saturday, June 9, 2012

    Intramuros Fort Santiago How to go What to do

    Intramuros Tour, Sunset , Sampaguita ice cream and special ube ensaymada

         Here's a peek of what you will see in the slides later ^_^

    Finally before our school starts again, I  have the chance to see the sunset in Fort Santiago. ^_^ 

    Fort Santiago Flora
    Well @ Fort Santiago bamboo garden
    The adventure begins... ^_^

         Out first stop is to go to Ilustrado restaurant we went here just to try the sampaguita ice cream (Philippines national flower-mostly used in creating flower necklace for the Saints). We also tried the Illustrado Ube the weird thing is the price is 50 pesos if takeout, 100 peso if dinein O_o. Ohhh well other restaurant are doing this also.  Ilustrado Location

         Why try the sampaguita ice cream? I'm so sure you will be one of the special people on Earth that will be able to try it. ;p You should also try the ube ensaymada,

        This time I was planning to take the route from General Luna to Fort Santiago (South->West->North) but to our surprise that route is close. The route that we took is from Baluarte de San Andres (South->East->North), the usual route that I take.

         Passing through Puerta Real, Revellin de Real de Bagumbayan, Baluarte de San Andres, Revellin de Recoletos,  Baluarte de Dila O, Mapua, Lyceum, Puerta del Parian, Revellin del Parian, Baluarte de san Gabriel, Puerta Isabel II, Aduana, and finally we reached Fort Santiago.

    Intramuros Slides

    Fort Santiago Slides

    TIP: Try to stay beyond 6pm until the guard reminded you that Fort Santiago is open until 6pm only. Depending on the month of the year sunset can be as early as 530 or as late as 630.

    entrance fee (map included):
    50 student, senior
    75 adult

    1. Check the sunset time via 
    2. Before you start the tour you should have printed the map and the information regarding each Baluarte's and Puerta's.

    Intramuros Google Map
    Wiki Travel Org Intramuros Map
    Walk tour (Eazy traveler) if you want to start having your sampaguita ice cream then start at Baluarte de San Andres

    3. Wear a comfortable clothing, bring a cap, bottle of water, and snacks.
    4. Start around 3pm/4pm so that you will avoid too much exposure to the Sun.
    5. Beware of scammers/beggars. Only go with the legal one.
    6. If you are going to rent a calesa(horse-drawn carriages‎) the rent is by hour. SO even youa re inside the church they will charge you. Last time we tried the calesa we were charge 3000Peso(70 dollars)
    7.  You can also get a tour guide Tour Guide (900 or less) for a different/lively/emotional view of Intramuros Carlos Celdran. Please ask the Fort Bonifacio Visitors Center for other options. This includes a 15minutes ride in a calesa.
    8. One day is not enough for Intramuros, This is my fourth time and I still haven't seen all.

    How to go to Intramuros
    Get around: You have the options of touring by walking, calesa (horse-drawn carriages‎) or padyak (bicycle).

    What you can do/see in Intramuros

    1. Walls
    2. Gates
    3. Churches
    4. Restaurants
    5. Plazas, monuments, and public buildings

    What you can do/see in Fort Santiago
    1. History (dungeons,prisons,ruins, museums,)
    2. Photography
    3. Picnic area/playground
    4. Watch the sunset ^_^
    5. Souvenir, restaurant

        The day ended as I see the sun sets in one of the most historical place in the Philippines. This is while we are eating the ube ensaymada :) sarap!

    FUN METER: 4/5 the other route are inaccessible... nevertless it's a FUN DAY ^_^

    Wikitravel Intramuros
    Wikipedia Intramuros

    Restaurant List

    Starbucks built in the wall of Intramuros ^_^



    • ChowkingFEM I Bldg, Andres Soriano (Aduana) +632-5271339 / +632-5272903[19]7 AM to 10 PMChinese dishes with a Filipino twist. Branch store of a major fast-food chain.  edit
    • GreenwichGround Floor, FEM II Bldg, Andres Soriano (Aduana) +632-5271682 / +632-5220331[20]Fast-food-style pizza and pasta. Look elsewhere for authentic Italian cuisine, but it's a decent enough place if all you're after is a quick, tasty, reasonably priced meal.  edit
    • JollibeeAndres Soriano (Aduana) cor. Muralla +632-5270489 / +632-5270505[21]M-F 6AM-8:30PM, 7AM-7PM weekendsTypical fast-food joint: burgers, fries, fried chicken and so on. Branch store of the country's largest homegrown fast-food chain.  edit


    • Andria's TasteChamber 8, Puerta Isabel II, Muralla (in front of the Letran dormitory),  +632-5366427 (), [22]Serves an assortment of popular dishes, including roast chicken and chicken sisig.  edit
    • Bistro MarineroGeneral Luna (Calle Real del Palacio) cor. Santa Potenciana (near San Agustín),  +632-5272261 / +632-5278461 loc. 367 or 373(fax+632-5272234 / +632-5272264), [23]The menu features a mix of Western and local dishes. Special "payday" buffets, combo meals, etc.  edit
    • Coco Bango Cafe and RestaurantPlaza San Luis Complex, General Luna (Calle Real del Palacio) cor. Urdaneta (attached to the White Knight Hotel),  +632-5266181[24]Offers Asian and Western fare.  edit
    • Max's Restaurant283 Cabildo +632-5270532 to 33 (fax+632-5270533), [25]Part of a nationwide chain of popular family restaurants, Max's specialises in fried chicken (not the cheap fast-food variety!) and other Filipino favourites.  edit
    • Ristorante delle MitreCBCP Building, 470 General Luna (Calle Real del Palacio) (near San Agustín),  +632-5595220Features simple, hearty Filipino meals inspired by the favourite dishes of the country's bishops and clergy. The culinary team is supervised by a nun who formerly served as a cook to a prominent local cardinal, and the walls are decorated with portraits and mementos of senior clerics - perfectly in keeping with the sacred atmosphere of the San Agustín area.  edit


    • 9 Spoons9th Floor, The Bayleaf Intramuros, Muralla cor. Victoria (inside the Bayleaf hotel building),  +632-3185000[26]6AM-1030PM.Contemporary interiors, access to a roof deck and splendid views. The restaurant serves both international dishes and local specialities. Buffet breakfast daily, buffet lunch on weekdays.  edit
    • Barbara'sPlaza San Luis, General Luna (Calle Real del Palacio) (right across the street from San Agustín),  +632-5273893 / +632-5274086[27].Housed in a Spanish colonial-style building a stone's throw from San Agustín Church, this centrally located restaurant serves traditional Filipino and Hispanic fare in an old-style setting.  edit
    • Ilustrado744 General Luna (Calle Real del Palacio) (within the El Amanecer compound, a few blocks down the street from San Agustín),  +632-5273674 (), [28]Mainly Filipino-Spanish cuisine: rellenong bangus (stuffed milkfish), paella, and other traditional dishes. Fine dining in the heart of the walled city.

    If you're feeling peckish - or need something more substantial to go with your beverage - the cafés listed here also generally offer light meals and snacks, making them a good alternative to the restaurants listed in the previous section.
    • Cioccolata – Churros CaféGround Floor, The Bayleaf Intramuros, Muralla cor. Victoria (look for the Bayleaf hotel building), [29]6AM-10PM Mon-Fri, 8AM-8PM Sat-SunNothing like some good old-fashioned churros con chocolate to relive colonial days. Also offers a selection of more contemporary beverages, sandwiches and desserts.  edit
    • Starbucks15-A Puerta Isabel II, Muralla cor. Magallanes (near Puerta de Isabel II),  +632-5274282[30]No matter where you go, you can't escape Starbucks. Sits not far from the historic Puerta de Isabel II, the last gate built in Intramuros. source (

    Philippines map built with LEGO bricks

         LEGO supports the campaign "It's more fun in the Philippines" of Department of Tourism. From June 1 to June 16 you can see the 32 x 20 ft. Philippine map built with LEGO bricks at The Block, SM North Edsa. 

        This includes tourist destination from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. From Luneta, Vigan, to Coron and El Nido Palawan, Boracay etc. (★^O^★)

    Check out the slides below ^_^ Enjoy ^___^

        They also have a side event where kids from 4-14 years old can build their own Lego. I repeat 4-14 years old only :p sorry for the kids at heart  (^▽^)

    A lego fan?  visit and like the face book pages below

    Monday, May 28, 2012

    Baler Philippines How to Go What to do

    Baler, Aurora Sabang: The Beach, falls, food, history and everything in between

    A peek of what to see in Baler
    Waves for every 30 seconds or even less! 

    Summary: Surfing + Hike + Falls + great sceneries + great people = PURE HAPPINESS!

    Baler 2012 Slideshow: JM’s trip from Quezon City, National Capital Region, Philippines to Baler (near San Jose, Luzon) was created by TripAdvisor. See another San Jose slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

    How to go to Baler? 

         Go to Genesis Bus Station at Cubao along New York Street. Check the schedule at Genesis Transport website but when we went on this trip the schedule is not followed. The first trip is not 3am, but there's an 12 midnight departure. I suggest you go there by 11pm just like what we did. Tell the conductor if you are a student there's a big discount for this.

    It took us 7 hours to get from Manila to Baler Central Terminal but don't forget to peek at the window ^_^ there are lots of good scenes to see ^_^

    All photos below are taken while inside a bus O_o and it still looks so great 



        We then ride a trike going to Surfer Girls Lodge since prior going there other hotels are full already. I suggest that you book 2 weeks ahead to reserve for a room, specially when it's summer. The moment you arrive take some photos on the beach immediately so you won't miss the chance the take some morning beach photos ^_^

    Late Breakfast/ Early Lunch :p

    Bay's Inn

    To save time we had a brunch at Bay's Inn. But there's a backfire! As much as possible don't dine in this restaurant VERY VERY VERY SLOW SERVICE.

    Ginataang Pako(Fern) with Shrimp

    I ordered ginataang pako with shrimp since it's the only new think I see in the menu. Pako is a fern, yikes I'm a lefaf eater now haha!


         Surfing is easier than I though (IT's NOT! haha!) but with the right balancing skill your good to go hehe!... In Sabang Beach I think it will be easier since even though you can't swim you can still surf since you can still stand faraway since the beach has a long shore. Good news for people who can't swim ^_^. and yeah every 1minutes there's a wave! haha!

    The payment is 350 for one hour! not bad it includes an instructor already ^_^

    I want to comeback to this beach again ^_^.

    The Beach

        Even though the waves are strong, you can still swim, but you have to be careful there are surfers.

    Coconut boy- I think he will bring it to his mom/dad and ill brag that he got a coconut
    My foot steps

    Ditumabo Falls
    Location: Barangay Zabali, Baler

    Hike + swimming + photo walk. Definitely A MUST VISIT

    Ditumabo Falls is Located in San Luis, slightly inland from Baler. It is accessible via trike (Php800- but you can bargain it for Php500) if they don't agree find another trike. 500 peso is the total rent for going to falls, Ermita Hills, and (Church, Baler Museum,and back to your lodge) and if time permits wherever you want to go.

    It involves some trekking but the trekking itself is a treat already. From the mini falls, to the river, the flora and butterflies and random insects you will see.

    Getting There: Take a tricycle from Baler town proper to the river outlet south of Sabang Beach. From there, one can walk to the site.

    Travel Time: Five minutes by tricycle, approximately 35 minutes' walk to the foot of the hill and 15 minutes' trek uphill. source

    Can you see the natural "water fountain" on this photo?
    The water is insanely CLEAR!

    FUN at Ditumabo Falls

    Macy actually had a cramp then it become a wacky shot? haha!

    Ermita Hill and the Tromba de Marina event

    In December of 1735, a huge tidal wave washed away the entire town of Baler. Thousands of lives were lost except for 7 families who climbed to the top of Ermita Hill and were saved from the wrath of the tsunami. Now these statues serves as a symbol of those who have survived the tragic disaster, and is located at the bottom of the hill. source

         Overlooking view of the dark blue coast of (Casiguran) Baler Bay the nearby barrios, and the fishing port.  During the 17th century there was an event that the locals of Baler went up Ermita Hill to take refuge during a  Now it's a great park, but you have to take a long walk upstairs to go there. Don't worry it's not that long.

    Aside from its magnificent landscape, Ermita Hill is known as a sacred haven for religious activities by devotees of the Miraculous Mother Mary, of whom a life-size statue is situated in a grotto on top of the hill. Under the Spanish rule, a Watchtower was built to guard the town against possible attackers. Governor Bella Angara-Castillo (then a Congresswoman) appropriated funding for the prevention of erosion of the hillside and its beautification. source

    Star Gazing + Night beach fun
    Kinda SPOOKY O_o

    My BEST profile ever me the beach and Milky Way
    Ghost shot O_o

    Booze + Monopoly Game + Card Games

    Aurora Quezon's House + Manual Quezon Car + Paintings + Memorabilias

    Manuel L. Quezon Presidential Car

    Baler Church

         The structure is an old church with a simple facade. Here, the last Spanish garrison of four officers and 50 men was besieged by Filipino insurgents from June 27, 1898 to July 2, 1899. This     was the last pocket of resistance of the Spanish Armed Forces to surrender to American troops. This is also where the La Campana de Baler, an ancient bell, was used and later stored as a relic.

         Siege of Baler
         Baler Movie

    Quezon Park

    Food Trip

         Street Food
         There's a bbq stand near the church they have the kwekkwek (quail's egg, my fave food on Earth!), chicken feet, isaw (chicken intestines) BUT THEN I saw a weird one, a chick in a stick O_o (taste like baby chicken). Today lets celebrate I finally tasted isaw O_o
    Is the foot step supposed to be a part of the history? of just part of the marketing strategy
    Chicken Chick bbq O_o It taste like chicken!

    3Peso Ice Candy @ Sabang Beach
    Other Restaurants in Baler

         Dinner - Gerry Shan's buffet


         For 150 pesos only it's definitely worth it. I even suggest having dinner and lunch here! The viands are really good. Unlimited drinks is also included ^_^. The viands are good from the chicken that taste like Jolibee! to the more sophisticated Spanish viand called callos, other Pinoy and non-Pinoy viands ,to the soups, pako (a local delicacy is available also) which cost me 120 pesos in another restaurant.

         I had a great Time with the V Gang ^_^ :p Amazing people to be with, wonderful place and an experience I will never forget thanks guys ^_^

    last photo shoot. or is it? :p

    this is the last set of group photo before going gome. This deserves a slide haha ^______^



    Ride a trike going to Central Terminal. You have 2 options a bus ride directly to Manila, if you missed it you can ride a Van(Php 200)going to Cabanatuan then ride a bus going to Manila (Php)196

    FUN METER Hikinh + Ditumabo Falls + Ermita Hill  + Street Food trip + Baler Museum and Church +Gerry Shan's buffet + booze & monopoly game + star gazing + night beach + SURFING + Great people =

    6/5 HAHA! ^_^ FUN FUN FUN

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    Why I will come back to Aurora?
    Dive Aurora

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